The Crunch is all about engaging, informing and inspiring the UK public. The year-long national initiative aims to reach everyone from 4-year old school children to scientists – and inspire them to join the conversation about food and drink.

In addition to creating a bold and accessible brand, we were also asked to develop fun and interesting ways to get the audience to interact with the initiative. The approach was to create a series of fun and intriguing ‘provocations’ around a range of topics which were promoted through social media channels. We created digital games, animations, films, quizzes and polls which provoked the various audiences to get involved.

Each ‘provocation’ gathered data from the audience to find out their opinions, habits and propensity for change, creating a real-time picture of the nations’ attitude towards food and drink. The data will be analysed and used as the basis for future research on the subject by Wellcome.


Wellcome Trust



Copywriting: Serious Oomph!

Film & animation: Nipple

Website build: Itineris