The Crunch is a £6m public engagement initiative from the Wellcome Trust. An exciting year of activities, experiences and discussions about our food and drink which aims to inspire everyone to consider the connections between our food, our health and our planet.  The Crunch set out to engage, inform and educate audiences ranging from 4-year olds to food scientists with everything from practical science kits in schools to experiences at science centres and interactive online games.

We undertook a strategic overview of the brand and communication challenges – how to reach and inspire diverse audiences to engage with a common idea? How to tell the stories in a clear and simple way to school children whilst simultaneously introducing complex ideas and in depth information for adults and scientists? And how to encourage everyone to get involved? A brand, positioning and messaging framework was developed which led to our creative response covering naming, identity, brand guidelines, website, film and interactive content.

“This is a significant new initiative, not only for the Wellcome Trust, but for the UK as a whole,” says Lynn Huynh, Marketing Communications Project Manager. “It was critical that we created a name, brand, visual identity and messaging that would unite all involved and become even more than the sum of its parts.

Right from the outset Blast had a good grasp of what we were trying to achieve. They invested time to understand us, asked the right questions and the creative they produced demonstrated just the right balance of playfulness and seriousness that is so essential to The Crunch.

They were also able to be nimble, agile and flexible – an essential attribute for an agency on a complex project. They took the initiative, for example creating a short film which brilliantly captures what The Crunch is about and which will be an invaluable asset as we begin to take the concept out to our audiences.”


Wellcome Trust



Copywriting: Serious Oomph!

Film animation: Nipple

Website build: Itineris