Now the largest Museum in Cumbria, Tullie House has collected art, nature and human history for over 150 years. Always more than a museum, it was also initially an art college, library and reading rooms. Inspired by this heritage Tullie House Trust is planning a transformative redevelopment project. Aiming to unlock the museum’s full potential, becoming the cultural and creative heart of the Borderlands for the 21st century.

Working with the Trust we repositioned and revitalised the museum’s brand identity. Together we created a new brand strategy, reviewed the naming and tone of voice. To help promote understanding of the breadth of the Trust’s offer, Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery was shortened to Tullie and paired with the new strapline ‘Carlisle’s home of culture’.

The new logotype is inspired by the unique carved lettering on the museum’s historic stone facade. The ‘T’ of the logotype is used as a graphic holding device for imagery, acting as a visual doorway into ‘Carlisle’s home of culture’. Supported by a new vibrant colour palette and contemporary brand typeface, the resulting identity is bright, quirky and welcoming. 

‘Working with Blast has been a total joy. The result is a new identity that feels fresh, playful, contemporary, and most importantly, uniquely ‘Tullie’.

Emily Burnham – Tullie, Marketing & Communications Manager


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