From Treasure Island to Pirates of the Caribbean, popular culture has romanticised the image of pirates portraying them as swashbuckling adventurers. National Maritime Museum Cornwall and Royal Museums Greenwich have partnered to create a new immersive and thought-provoking exhibition, examining the fantasy and brutal reality of piracy.

Our brief was to develop a thoughtful and engaging marketing campaign to inspire audiences and attract visitors. With a nod to the Jolly Roger, our creative concept plays with the romanticised view of pirates, while alluding to the truth beneath. As well as applying the campaign creative to a wide variety of print and digital formats, we have worked with the brilliant Chloe Jackson, bringing the concept to life with a teaser film designed for onsite screens and social media channels.

This major exhibition runs in Falmouth from March 2023 to December 2024, after which it moves to the National Maritime Museum in London.


National Maritime Museum Cornwall