Bloom Labs is pioneering breakthroughs in material science by harnessing the value of natural waste by-products, a protein-rich and globally abundant raw material, to create next-gen alternatives to natural and synthetic fibres and plastics; enabling the garment industry’s transition to a circular economy.

Our brand identity is based around the ‘science of circularity’. The ‘b’ for Bloom Labs is ‘spun’ to create a marque to reflect this, with the style referencing high-performance fibres. We have also created a set of circular spirographics which represent Bloom Labs’ industry-leading research, integrated with imagery to communicate the duality of science and fashion and how this is empowering change.

Increasing the use of circular fibres and next-gen materials is critical for fashion to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, halt negative impacts on biodiversity, and reduce its ever-increasing post-consumer waste.


Bloom Labs



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