UK Parliament Week is an established annual festival of events that engages people across the UK with Parliament. It enables individuals and communities to explore and develop their understanding of what parliamentary democracy means to them and empower them to get involved.

There’s never been a more important time for Parliament to connect with the people, and we were invited by UK Parliament to refresh the visual approach to the festival to help it reach out to a younger audience. We developed a typographic approach inspired by the vernacular of hand-made political banners, placards and posters. By creating hand stamps of the campaign messages we developed an aesthetic which is accessible and humanistic – referencing the way that letterpress has been used historically by activists to voice their opinions.

Combining single words, phrases and icons with a bright colour palette we have created a campaign which is bold, celebratory and optimistic. How parliament could do with some of that right now!


UK Parliament


Copywriting: Blast

Typography: Blast