A brand for all tastes


Public engagement through branding. Read our recipe for success in this article for Food Science Technology magazine.

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Create Journal: Health Edition


We worked with the Arts Council to produce three more issues of Create, its journal for the discussion of the value of art and culture.

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Print Matters


Our Creative Papers Christmas Card for Arjowiggins been featured in Print Matters, a fantastic new book from Viction:ary. It presents an incredible collection of work that spans packaging, identities, communications and book design.

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Ahoy there!


Our advertising campaign for the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich is aimed at families who are ‘looking for adventure’. Working with paper artist Polly Lindsay we created a campaign which conjures up the variety of free experiences on offer at the Museum.

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Ian Wright’s stunning Keaykolour Hendrix has cropped up in Paperworks, a beautiful little book by Sandu Publishing. Celebrating a diverse range of incredible paper art and fashion, the projects featured surpass all expectations of what can be done with a simple sheet of paper. It’s well worth checking out.

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Monogram Logo


Following the success of their previous ‘Animal logo’ book, Counter-Print have released another great publication: ‘Monogram logo’. The collection contains 452 monograms and ciphers from around the world, including a few of ours. Keaykolour’s double ‘K’, the University of East Anglia’s initials (complete with hidden spark), and the University of Sussex’s elegant ‘US’ all make an appearance.  

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We have made it on to the list of ‘aggressively’ creative, ‘goal-driven mavericks’ featured in 64GB, a 250-page book of design by 64 Great British studios and creatives. You’ll find our work for Keaykolour, ¡Cho!, Strata and ‘It Feels Good’ gracing pages 18–21.

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Page Unlimited 2


We have proven ourselves able to ‘think outside the page’; our ‘Inspired by Digital’ book for Arjowiggins Creative Papers is featured in Page Unlimited 2, a visual showcase of innovations in layout design.

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Gallery Magazine


We have made our first appearance in a Chinese publication; Gallery ‘the world’s best graphics’ Magazine has kindly devoted a spread to our ‘Keaykolour: Colourful Life’ marketing campaign, featuring Ian Wright’s incredible paper Hendrix.

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