Having worked closely with Arts Council England to refresh their visual identity and guidelines, it was great to be given the opportunity to produce this year’s Annual Report and Accounts. It allowed us the chance to bring the new visual identity elements to life in print. The final document runs to over 180 pages and combines colourful new brand imagery with engaging infographics.

In addition to the Annual Report we have also recently created a full set of digital assets for web and social media.

The Arts Council has been around for over 70 years, and we’ve produced an annual report for every one of them. This year we wanted to balance the functional purpose of the report with our ambition to present the information beautifully – no mean feat, but that’s exactly what Blast have done. They took our visual identity and cut, layered and re-purposed it in a way that still accurately represents our brand, whilst at the same time injecting new life into the pages of the report. We love the work Blast have created for us.” 

Dan Smith
Marketing Communication Manager
Arts Council England


Arts Council England