Nesta is an innovation foundation that turns bold ideas into reality, changing lives for the better. But how do you do ‘innovation’? There are methods of course, and through their programmes, partnerships and investments Nesta develops and refines the ones that show the most potential, directing them towards the areas where they can make the greatest positive impact on society.

We were commissioned to create a publication which showcases each of Nesta’s 13 innovation methods and demonstrate their expertise in the field. We took an illustrative approach to representing each one, based on a flow-chart concept to show ‘methodical progression’. With a different colour combination for each method, we utilised the broad spectrum of Nesta’s brand colours. High quality papers, binding and print finishing were used to elevate the compendium above other Nesta publications, including index-cutting throughout to reveal each innovation method.

The illustrations were re-purposed as digital assets for the web and social media, and an animation created to launch the compendium to Nesta’s audiences.




Illustration: Blast

Print: Gavin Martin Colournet

Animation: Chloe Jackson