Less Packaging. More Smiles.


Every company wields the power to shape the environmental narrative. It’s a profound truth that those with the potential to impact the planet negatively also bear the greatest opportunity to enact positive change. It’s a subtle dance between potential harm and the golden chance to do some good.

Amazon sits at the epicentre of this narrative. And we’ve partnered with their sustainability division to craft a straight-talking, informative, yet impactful animated piece. The aim? To spread the word to their customers worldwide that less packaging means a smaller carbon footprint and less recycling chaos.

Our animation is also stripped down to its essentials, with a friendly tone that nudges viewers towards a more eco-friendly mindset. No frills, just a simple message about working together to reduce packaging.

And guess what? Our animation now speaks 10 languages. Why? Because Amazon’s initiative is global; having an effect and reducing packaging with every shipment. ‘Less Packaging. More Smiles.’